Hemingford resident gets vaccinated for Covid-19 as vaccines roll out to people ages 75 and older in the panhandle

Bev Hanks shares her vaccination story
Published: Jan. 16, 2021 at 12:22 AM CST
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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. (KNEP) - After frontline workers in the Panhandle received their vaccines residents 75 and older were next on the list. Bev Hanks a Hemingford resident was one of the elderly who took the Moderna vaccine. She encourages her age group to be proactive and do the same. Her local pharmacy made the vaccine easily accessible and user friendly.

“I heard it on television one day they said that the Moderna vaccine was long lasting,” said Hanks. “I read some place that it when they say long lasting they’re talking several years. I called Dave up at the pharmacy, and I said was that a Moderna vaccine that I received and he said yes. I thought that’s good because it’s long lasting probably longer than I will last.”

Hanks said she has experienced these types of situations going back to her childhood with her parents.

“You know during the 50′s we went through the polio scare when I was young,” said Hanks. “I remember the controversy over the Salk vaccine at that time, and my mom made sure that we got it. I think I was taught to be kind of proactive from an early age.”

“If you don’t get the shot you might end up in an iron lung,” said Hanks. “I don’t think they’ve had the iron lungs for a long time but those were big bulky things and they were noisy. They put people in their that had polio to help them breathe. It was horrible horrible thing and the iron lung certainly convinced my brother and I that we should get the polio shot.”

Hanks shared a quote that has a profound meaning to her from radio commentator Paul Harvey. “Remember in times like these there have always been times like these.”

“We’re dealing with the corona-virus we’ve dealt with the polio with other things through the years, said Hanks. “We’ll probably have others that will come after us.”

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