City of Scottsbluff takes steps to increase its transparency

Per requests by local residents, the City is expanding its social media presence to advance communication with the public.
City of Scottsbluff expands social media presence.
City of Scottsbluff expands social media presence.(NBC Nebraska Scottsbluff)
Published: Feb. 19, 2021 at 1:22 AM CST
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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. (KNEP) - The City of Scottsbluff announced it will expand its social media presence in an effort to be more transparent with the public.

City Deputy Public Works Director Jordan Diedrich says, since he started working for the City five years ago, he’s received countless requests from residents asking local government to increase its communication with the public. More specifically, Diedrich says citizens often ask about city services, local events, programs, job openings and volunteer opportunities.

In response, Diedrich began working with the City to create the Internal Public Education and Outreach Committee, gathering a team of experts with insight into diverse areas of Scottsbluff community life. As part of the initiative, each committee member was assigned a day of the week for which to create social media content in line with their area of expertise.

Each day of the week has been designated a unique theme, such as “Municipal Monday” or “Support Scottsbluff Saturday,” that determines the type of content featured online that day.

“We’re really going to be putting out a post every single day of the year and have those different themes so people know what to expect,” Diedrich explained. “Every Sunday [residents are] going to get something from the City of Scottsbluff that tells [them] what’s going on that Sunday and the rest of the week.”

Diedrich’s hope is that, by posting content on social media --Facebook and LinkedIn-- in addition to the City’s website, information will reach locals where they are, rather than have them go searching for it.

But Diedrich says the initiative is still in its early stages and encourages residents to reach out with any ideas they may have.

“We definitely want to hear from the citizens,” Diedrich said. “If we’re missing something or there’s something you want to see featured, definitely reach out to the City and let us know --hey, I’d like to see this.”

The posts are located on the City’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages called “The City of Scottsbluff, Nebraska - Government,” and on its official website at

For more information about the initiative, contact Jordan Diedrich at

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