Talks are in the process to repair the pool at Splash Arena

Scottsbluff YMCA, Scottsbluff Public Schools and Scottsbluff City Council are leading the discussion
Published: Mar. 4, 2021 at 7:54 PM CST
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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. (KNEP) - The pool at Splash Arena on the Scottsbluff High School Campus has been on the inactive list for the past couple of years. The community is exchanging ideas to repair and restore the pool so swimmers can enjoy aquatic sports and activities.

“One thing that came together at least in our preliminary conversations is that the Splash had the potential of saving money because at least there is a structure there to deal with,” said Rick Myles School Superintendent Scottsbluff Public Schools. “Then starting there how can we work with that to make that an appealing public pool? And make it an appealing benefit for those who are with the Y?”

“About two two and half years ago we noticed the consumption and utilities was going up,” said Travis Rickey Director of Facilities. “Which after the swim season was over we decided to go ahead research into it and find out what was going on. In the process we realized we’re losing approximately ten thousand gallons of water that was leaking out either through the tank of the pool or through the plumbing.”

“It’s time to bring the public into the conversation in a sense just to develop a general community awareness, said Myles. “Then indirectly what that allows each of the respective councils or boards to do is really take a temperature and say is this something that’s enthusiastically supported and needed and by our constituents.”

“Yes entirely I grew up as a swimmer,” said Rickey. “My family and my kids all swim and I think swimming is a vital part to the community so it’s a nice very breath of fresh air.”

Discussions will continue at the next Board of Education meeting on April 12.

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