Local tax preparers can help residents get stimulus checks they have not yet received

Rebate Recovery Credit provides a way on tax form
Published: Mar. 9, 2021 at 7:46 PM CST
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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. (KNEP) -We are in the midst of tax season and if you have not received your stimulus check in the mail your local tax preparer can solve the problem with a Rebate Recovery Credit on your tax form.

“If they haven’t received economic impact payments what they need to do is file their tax return for this upcoming year the 2020 year,” says Tina Hill Owner Liberty Tax Service. “They have a special form for that where you put whether you received it or haven’t received it and it will be reconciled at the IRS.”

“Honestly it seems like because of the stimulus people are much more interested in the stimulus payments when they’re going to get it if they get it how soon they’re going to get it if we’re going to have another one things like that,” says Hill. “We find that we answer the phone a lot more for that this tax season than we do than the actual tax concerns. For a lot of people the stimulus payments are more than their tax refunds.”

“If you received it after filing your return or if you received partial and did not receive at all but we still put the rebate recovery on there the IRS is going to reconcile that and still send out the correct amounts,” says Hill. “If you filed the tax return however and didn’t put the recovery on there and should have at that point we need to do an amended return.”

“We’re not in the stimulus business but we are and we are willing to help and want to help. A lot of this is just stuff that the IRS imposed on us as everything seems to go through the tax return unexpectedly,” says Hill. “It seems like every time that we have something new come up with these stimulus checks these economic payments. They kind of intertwine into our tax returns we are learning everyday.”

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