Community Christian School hosts its annual Enchilada Factory

It’s the school’s biggest fundraiser
Published: Mar. 10, 2021 at 7:49 PM CST
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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. (KNEP) - The Community Christian School (CCS) hosts it’s annual Enchilada Factory. Volunteers and students for the school makes these tasty mouthwatering enchiladas for the community to help raise money for their school.

“We actually asked people to come here to pick up the enchiladas,” says Deirdre Amundsen Principal CCS. “We have enchiladas for sale at school people can stop by they’re twenty dollars per dozen or thirteen dollars for a quart of pork chili. They can just stop by the north side off CCS there is a gate there it’s open with a truck that we can just get you your orders and you can have supper tonight.”

CCS staff says they had to change up the selling of the food. Normally, students deliver food to homes but this year with COVID they invited residents to come to CCS to buy and pickup food curbside.

“This does help the operational cost of CCS so this goes to pay our teachers and the books that we order and the technology that we order everything,” said Amundsen. “This a huge fundraiser we are blessed to be able to even have it this year.”

“The process is we have the enchilada shells which we dip in the enchilada sauce,” says Sarah Gray Volunteer. “We fill them with cheese and top them with cheese and extra sauce and then they move to another station to get wrapped up and are available for sale to the community and the public.”

“I think that this school has a long standing tradition it’s something that the public enjoys it looks forward to so there is a lot of repeat customers,” said Gray. “It’s like anything with normalcy of COVID everybody appreciates a little bit of I guess normalcy and we have done in the past.”

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