Siren tests for severe weather to take place in the Panhandle

Emergency Management Services Region 22 will test once a month
Published: Mar. 26, 2021 at 7:47 PM CDT
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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. (KNEP) - Emergency Management Services Region 22 in Gering provides an audible warning to the community in case of severe weather.

“We do a quick test every month April through October,” said Tim Newman Emergency Management Director. “We don’t test if it’s inclement weather if it’s inclement weather and if it’s a severe storm then you’re going to here the siren. But if you hear the siren and the sky is blue it’s probably a test.”

Newman said local law enforcement and fire officials authorizes sounding of the alarm.

“We have spotters and if they see something on the ground they are going to to call it in and dispatch is going to set those off,” said Newman.

Newman said they take thorough consideration before taking any action.

“We try to weigh the benefits versus if it’s going to create undo alarm,” said Newman. “If it’s a small storm just barely clipping the county and we don’t have a siren in that particular area that’s warned we’re not going to set the sirens off county wide.”

Newman advises residents to have two sources of warning a smartphone and weather service radio. Residents may not hear the siren go off if they are in their homes.

“When the sirens go off they’re not necessarily meant to be heard indoors,” said Newman. “They’re outdoor warning sirens and they’re to let people that may not be paying attention to other forms of alerts to let them know they need to go in and tune in for more information.”

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