Wyoming Department of Health approves variance for school mask mandate in Goshen County

School officials have begun implementation
NBC Nebraska News at 6
Published: Apr. 8, 2021 at 8:39 PM CDT
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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. (KNEP) - The Goshen County School Board voted last week 5-4 last week to apply for a variance which would make wearing a mask in schools optional. The Wyoming Department of Health granted the request and on Tuesday schools started implementation for the mask variance.

“Any school district campuses or transportation to and from those campuses we would have masks as optional,” said Ryan Kramer Superintendent Goshen County Public Schools. “Any indoor events that we have at this point would be mask optional and addition there would be the unlimited spectators at each of those events.”

School officials said they are taking the variance one day at a time. Goshen County Public Health and State Health officials are working closely with the school district.

“I guess it’s kind of walking that tight rope as we call it because there is a sense of we’re moving forward getting back to a normal process of schooling,” said Kramer. “There’s still also that piece of what could happen next and how do we deal with that next situation that we may face in a week or two.”

“In our communication with public health through out this process working with them to make sure what we see on the horizon asking them questions if we ever have anything in relation to looking at numbers of positive cases how those correlate,” said Kramer Our state health official has been very accessible to any of our questions and gets right back to us.”

“The numbers of breakouts that we saw in the state of Wyoming we’re very low in the summer,” said Kramer. “There is some positive pieces there with the weather getting better getting outside taking part in those activities. We’re really starting to see some of the reopening of what normal was for our kids and the activities we get to participate in.”

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