Scottsbluff Girls Tennis Triangular Highlights/Results

Scottsbluff, Gering, and Alliance all earn wins in triangular on Thursday.
Published: Apr. 30, 2021 at 1:03 AM CDT
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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. (KNEP) - Scottsbluff, Gering, and Alliance tennis teams all in action Thursday for the Bearcat girls triangular in Scottsbluff.

All three teams would earn wins in the triangular for a 1-1 split on the day.

Scottsbluff vs Gering ( Scottsbluff Wins 5-4)

#1 Singles: Megan Bewley (SCB) def Paige Schneider(GER) 8-1

#2 Singles: Cierra Schwartzkopf (SCB) def Kayle Morris (GER) 8-5

#3 Singles: Camille Newman (GER) def Jessica Davis (SCB) 8-3

#4 Singles: Haley Thomalla def Aspen Johnson (GER) 8-3

#5 Singles: Maia Swan def Aubrey Barrett (SCB) 8-5

#6 Singles: Jaylai Cervantes (GER) def Alyssa Mendoza 8-4

#1 Doubles: A.Johnson/C. Newman (GER) def H. Thomalla/ J. Davis (SCB) 8-6

#2 Doubles: A. Barrett/A. Mendoza (SCB) def M. Swan/J. Cervantes (GER) 8-6

#3 Doubles: M. Bewley /S. Schwartzkof (SCB) def K. Morris/ H. Walker (GER) 8-6

Gering vs Alliance (Gering Wins 5-4)

#1 Singles: Paige Schneider (GER) def Cortney Cox (ALL) 8-2

#2 Singles: Kayle Morris (GER) def Payten Gibson (ALL) 8-4

#3 Singles: Kelsey Horton (ALL) def Camille Newman (GER) 8-6

#4 Singles: Karley Jensen (ALL) def Aspyn Johnson (GER) 8-4

#5 Singles: Maia Swan (GER) def Haley Weare (ALL) 8-6

#6 Singles: Brokoklyn Bannistiter (ALL) def Jayai Cervantes (GER) 8-6

#1 Doubles: Gibson/Horton (ALL) def Johnson/Walker (GER) 8-1

#2 Doubles: Morris/Swan (GER) def Brannister/Jensen (ALL) 8-2

#3 Doubles: Newman/Schneider (GER) def Cox/Weare (ALL) 8-4

Scottsbluff vs Alliance (Alliance wins 5-4)

#1 Singles: Megan Bewley (SCB) def Courtney Cox (ALL) 8-1

#2 Singles: Cierra Schwarzkopf (SCB) def Payten Gibson (ALL) 9-7

#3 Singles: Kelsey Horton (ALL) def Jessica Davis (SCB) 8-2

#4 Singles: Karley Jensen (ALL) def Haley Thomalla (SCB) 8-3

#5 Singles: Aubrey Barrett (SCB) def Haley Weare (ALL) 8-2

#6 Singles: Broklyn Bannistiter (ALL) def Alyssa Mendoza (SCB) 8-6

#1 Doubles: P. Gibson/K. Horton (ALL) def H. Thomalla/J.Davis (SCB) 8-1

#2 Doubles: K. Jensen/B. Bannistiter (ALL) def A. Barrett/A. Mendoza (SCB) 8-6

#3 Doubles: M. Bewley/C. Schwartzkopf (SCB) def H. Weare/C. Cox (ALL) 8-0

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