Woman uses memes to get company to fix downed cable

Published: May. 1, 2021 at 9:23 AM CDT
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LOUDON COUNTY, Va. (WJLA) - A Virginia woman created a social media meme campaign to try to get a company to fix a cable that had been down in her property for weeks.

“I’m tired of being mad at things,” Tamra Spink said.

Spink said a storm on March 28 knocked down her Comcast cable into her backyard.

“It was the entire length of the backyard, so it’s got to be over 100 feet,” she said.

She contacted Comcast about it, but weeks later, the company still hadn’t fixed it.

“And they also kept insisting, in fact, our cable was buried,” Spink said. “And that was not the case. I would send them pictures. It was a lit bit insane.”

Since the usual approach to solving her problem wasn’t working, Spink took a funny, more unconventional route.

She and friends created and posted silly memes on social media, starring the downed cable.

“It did blow up,” Spink said. “Tony Hawk was shredding it, just like we were shredding it getting attention on the matter.”

There were friendly and ferocious animals, plenty of high-wire acrobatics and even Bernie Sanders.

“It was Bernie. Bernie made it with his mittens in the chair. He was very concerned about the infrastructure,” Spink said.

Their memes eventually caught the attention of the WJLA news team, who reached out to Comcast about the delay.

They didn’t immediately reply and a few hours later, crews were at Spink’s home repairing the downed cable.

Comcast later issued a statement saying, “we apologize for the inconvenience. We repaired the line yesterday have been in touch with the customer.”

Spink celebrated the cable’s return to its rightful place with one last meme, an ode to the 1980 gold-winning USA hockey team: “Do you Believe in Miracles?”

“My goal was to just stay true to who I want to be,” Spink said. “And I think the memes were a way to do that.”

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