New Trooper goes through as Field Training Officer for Nebraska State Patrol Troop E

Scottsbluff native Michael Kleich gets hands on experience
Published: Jul. 31, 2021 at 1:30 AM CDT
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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. (KNEP) - Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) has new graduate from Camp 66 in and is now going through phase two in real life situations as a field training officer in Scottsbluff.

NSP says Field Training officers go through a six month training process after completion of boot camp in Grand Island.

“They will ride with a coach so they’ll ride with different coaches,” said Sergeant Manny Jimenez NSP Troop E. “They’ll get to see like I said how other troopers work and hopefully they can pick out of that what fits into their style the way they communicate the way they park things like that.”

“They’ll be driving there own car but they won’t be far from another trooper,” said Jimenez. “That’s in case if they run into something they have not seen if they have questions if they need another trooper to help them. They will hopefully be within 15 to 20 miles of another trooper that can get there fairly quickly and help them out through the process.”

NSP said new trooper Michael Kleich is four weeks deep into Field Training Officer role. He has been involved in some serious crime scenes already.

“We got called for a SWAT assist down in Chapel that was an eye opening experience all itself just even running perimeters out there,” said Kleich. “Stuff that they teach you in camp and sometimes in the back of your mind you’re thinking oh that doesn’t happen in Western Nebraska but it surely does.”

“Not even close to be honest with you,” said Kleich. “I knew about traffic stops you know the basics the stuff that the calls that I responded to and been asked to do in the last month. I been told some guys wait years for that to happen and I have already had it almost four full weeks.”

NSP said field training ends around December as new troopers will receive a license plate for their patrol car as a right of passage. They are taking applications for Camp 67 next year. Those interested can go to the website or contact a NSP office.

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