Bailey Boswell avoids death sentence for murder of Sydney Loofe

Nearly four years to the day, after Sydney Loofe (left) was murdered, one of her convicted...
Nearly four years to the day, after Sydney Loofe (left) was murdered, one of her convicted killers found out her life will be spared. Baily Boswell (right) received a life sentence on Monday.(10/11 NOW)
Published: Nov. 8, 2021 at 9:18 PM CST
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Nearly four years to the day, after Sydney Loofe was murdered, one of her convicted killers found out her life will be spared.

Bailey Boswell was sentenced to life in prison Monday, just a few months after her co-defendant Aubrey Trail was added to death row.

Loofe’s family sat in the front row of the courtroom, with Boswell’s family across the room, as Judge Vicky Johnson rehashed the details of the case which started in 2017. That’s when Boswell met Loofe on Tinder. Days after the two “matched” Boswell took Loofe back to her and Trail’s Wilber apartment where Loofe was killed.

The autopsy showed Loofe was strangled.

“Ms. Loofe was completely harmless and her murder was completely unnecessary,” said Judge Johnson.

The three judges, Judge Vicky Johnson, Darla Ideus and Peter Bataillion, spent the last few months working to decide if Loofe’s murder was “exceptionally deprave,” qualifying Boswell for the death penalty and making her the only woman on death row. Johnson and Ideus said the case met four out of the five qualifiers for exceptional depravity.

Those qualifiers include; the apparent relishing of the murder, infliction of gratuitous violence, needless mutilation, senselessness of the crime and helplessness of the victim.

Johnson said she and Judge Ideus found the case met four out of five of those qualifiers.

“Sydney Loofe was a 24-year-old vulnerable woman who found her self in an apartment with Boswell and a man twice her age and size. Her wrists were bound and she wasn’t able to defend her self. Sydney Loofe was a helpless victim,” said said Judge Johnson.

But Judge Battalion disagreed, sparing Boswell’s life.

“This dissent should in no way diminish the senselessness of this crime and the great pain it’s caused Sydney’s family and friends,” Battalion said. “But because I could not find beyond a reasonable doubt that the state met the burden of proof, I have to dissent from the other judges on the panel.”

Battalion was part of the three judge panel to sentence Nikko Jenkins to death in 2017.

Boswell’s attorney, Todd Lancaster, said a split decision on a three judge panel wasn’t unheard of and has has happened in cases he’s worked before.

Both Loofe and Boswell’s families appeared emotional leaving the courtroom. Both declined to comment.

The Attorney General’s Office sent a statement thanking the investigators and saying the following about the Loofe Family;

Throughout the criminal justice process, Sydney’s family has persevered with dignity. With the criminal cases coming to a close and the anniversary of her death approaching, our thoughts are with the Loofe Family during this difficult time.

Lancaster wouldn’t say if he believed justice had been served, but said it’s a good thing Boswell didn’t get the death penalty.

“I would say my reaction is grateful, just like Bailey is that she received a life sentence especially for her families sake, especially her daughter,” Lancaster said.

As for what’s next, Boswell’s defense attorney says Boswell will be transferred to the York Women’s Prison. Her team will file an appeal trying to overturn her guilty verdict.

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