Another exciting year for Robidoux Rendezvous in Gering

Cyclists from across the country compete in Gering for annual event.
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Published: Jun. 30, 2022 at 12:53 AM CDT
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GERING, Neb. (KNEP) - Cyclists from across the country in the Gering area this past weekend for the annual Robidoux Rendezvous Bike Race.

Hundreds of riders participated in four distance routes starting at Five Rocks in Gering. The day included a 100 Mile Race, 67 Mile Race, 45 Mile Race, and 25 Mile Race.

The annual event continues to grow in number of riders and fans.

100 Mile Race Top Ten Results

1 Luke Hall (Boulder, CO) Winning Chip Time: 4:09:43.55

2 James Walsh (Littleton, CO)

3 Chaz Hogenauer

4 Scott Countryman (Mesa, CO)

5 Robert Strobel (Boulder, CO)

6 Greg Scanlan (Fort Collins, CO)

7 Ben Delaney (Boulder, CO)

8 Jonathan Cavner (Colorado Springs, CO)

9 John Hennings (Laramie, WY)

10 Tony Olson (Boulder, CO)

Local Finishers (100 Mile Race)

80 Jeff Phelps (Sidney)

110 Justin Brester (Gering)

116 Eric Wiebe (Scottsbluff)

67 Mile Race Top Ten Results

1 Matthew Klick (Dumont, CO) Winning Chip Time: 2:55:21.63

2 Damon Brandt (Denver, CO)

3 Domenic DeFeo III (Boulder, CO)

4 Mark Van Akkeren (Boulder, CO)

5 William Raatz (Arvada, CO)

6 Mark Merritt (Grand Island, NE)

7 Rebecca Furuta (Longmont, CO)

8 Michael DaSilva (Rapid City, SD)

9 Jon Heidemann (Kimball)

10 Davis McNeil (Wheat Ridge, CO)

Local Finishers (67 Mile Race)

46 Cameron Wagner (Scottsbluff)

62 Todd Deaver (Gering)

111 Travis Todd (Gering)

122 Daniel Warburton (Gering)

130 Jon Morgan (Scottsbluff)

138 Ryan Sander (Gering)

139 Daniel De Peyer (Scottsbluff)

142 Kevin Dean (Scottsbluff)

143 Derek Rein (Gering)

45 Mile Race Top Ten Results

1 Jon Romenesko (Littleton, CO) Winning Chip Time: 2:04:22.37

2 Mark Greig (Longmont, CO)

3 Heather Romenesko (Littleton, CO)

4 Esma Taylor (Boulder, CO)

5 Eric Horgan (Suffolk, VA)

6 Leigh Shanor (Denver, CO)

7 Airika Romsdahl (Eagle, CO)

8 Jayson Walford (Lingle)

9 Richard Quinn (Rapid City, SD)

10 Allen Parsons (Springfield, NE)

Local Finishers (45 Mile Race)

12 John Marshall (Scottsbluff)

14 Doug Hadden (Bridgeport)

22 Brett Gies (Harrison)

31 Tom Smith (Gering)

36 Levi Reinmuth (Gering)

37 Anita Schanaman (Mitchell)

44 Travis Lambert (Scottsbluff)

52 Taylor Copas (Scottsbluff)

25 Mile Race Top Ten Results

1 Kim Cassidy (Boulder, CO) Winning Time Chip: 1:46:28.17

2 Randall Rogers (Boulder, CO)

3 Carl Meltzer (Fort Collins, CO)

4 Brady Dierks (Mitchell, NE)

5 Stephanie Siegert (Omaha, NE)

6 Mike Shelley (Buffalo, WY)

7 Julie Reiters (Denver, CO)

8 Angie Hilbert (Scottsbluff)

9 Mark Williams (Fort Collins, CO)

10 Rebecca Barrios (Lakewood, CO)

Local Finishers (25 Mile Race)

11 Erik Nemnich (Gering)

16 David Nash (Gering)

17 Kent Cardiff (Gering)

19 Clayton Joss (Gering)

20 Chris Baer (Scottsbluff)

21 Jessica Lecher Wasson (Minatare)

24 Marla Baer (Scottsbluff)

29 Anna Wiebe (Scottsbluff)

49 Jamie Selzer (Scottsbluff)

51 John Selzer (Scottsbluff)

52 Judy Wilson (Mitchell)

54 Anne Johnson (Potter)

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