Lexington Girls Tennis Invite Results

Scottsbluff and Alliance finish in the top five. Gering places 8th on the day.
Tennis ball on court
Tennis ball on court(KAUZ/KAUZ)
Published: Apr. 15, 2023 at 1:55 AM CDT
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Final Team Standings

(1) McCook 74 points (2) Kearney Catholic 62 points, (3) Scottsbluff 49 points, (4) Lexington 38 points, (5) Alliance 28 points, (6) Hastings St. Cecilia 21 points, (7) Ogallala 20 points, (8) Gering 17 points

Local Individual Place Finishes

#1 Singles: Jessica Davis (Scottsbluff) 4th, Karlie Jensen (Alliance) 5th, Hannah Walker (Gering) 8th

#2 Singles: Abby Roberts (Scottsbluff) 4th, Haley Weare (Alliance) 6th, Ashlynn Feil (Gering) 8th

#1 Doubles: A. Barrett/A. Andreas (Scottsbluff) 2nd, K. Pfeiffer/R. Braun (Alliance) 6th, M. Swan/C. Newman (Gering) 7th

#2 Doubles: J. Cervantes/A. Schneider (Gering) 2nd, B. Huston/K. Montes (Alliance) 4th, A. Mendoza/A. Harveson (Scottsbluff) 5th

#3 Doubles: E. Roberts/N. Garcia (Scottsbluff) 3rd, K. Newman/S. Baltz (Gering) 6th, C. Hudson/A. Gibson (Alliance) 7th