Jae Mihulka

Anchor/Reporter, KNEP
Scottsbluff, Nebraska

Born in Manchester, New Hampshire, Jae moved to Wentzville, Missouri, at the age of three, and then Conifer, Colorado at the age of 15, where they finished high school, and doubled as the school mascot and the morning news anchor.

Jae earned their Bachelor's degree in Cinema and TV Production from Columbia College Chicago. During their college years, Jae was focused on becoming a director for Film or TV, and learned every role they could get their hands on.

Before arriving at NBC Nebraska Scottsbluff, Jae studied TV production at Bath Spa University, a high ranking institute in Bath, England, focusing in morning talk shows and camera work. Though mainly focused on camera, Jae had the opportunity to work with a teleprompter as a host on multiple occasions and found it very exciting.

“I never expected to be a reporter,” Jae said, “I knew I wanted to try a lot of different careers, but mainly I was focused on film and TV production and on writing. I didn’t expect to find a job that combined those things.”

Jae's favorite part of their job is using the skills they’ve picked up to help people and get them the stories they need to hear. "Unlike in film or TV, which is fictional, and fun in its own right, the news is honest and informative, and I feel like I'm really making a difference."

When they’re not working, Jae loves trying new food as well as cooking anything and everything, writing adventure novels and children's books, and watching Buzzfeed Unsolved and the Watcher Network on Youtube. Jae’s favorite foods are anything with pasta, and iced lattes are their favorite drink to have on hand.

Jae enjoys hearing from people in the community, and loves to hear about everything going on around Scottsbluff. Feel free to say hello!

Jae enjoys social media so connect with them on Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to share your story ideas with them there!

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