Goshen County Farm Wall Initiative

Published: Jun. 22, 2020 at 9:39 AM CDT
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In February, Sandy Hoehn, Community Development Director, wrote a grant for farm walls through the Wyoming Business Council.

Farm walls are small, vertical aquaponics growing systems that don’t require soil.

The WBC granted 13 awards in seven communities throughout the state.

Goshen County Main Street received 4 walls at $600.00 each with the Economic Development and Chamber covering half the cost making them available for $300.00 to municipalities.

Walls will be placed in Fort Laramie, Lingle and Torrington, WY.

This week staff, volunteers and even Mayor's pitched in to get plants planted and growing for Goshen County.

Staff is in the works with Goshen County Extension to bring the Goshen County Wyoming - Master Gardeners into the classroom next year to teach Goshen County Students how to grow the seedlings, where they will then be transported into the walls for all of Goshen County to enjoy.

Staff hopes to keep agriculture alive in Goshen County.

Goshen County Main Street originally wanted to receive the farm walls to beautify our Main Streets and educate Goshen County Schools about growing plants/agriculture.

After a better understanding of the necessities to make the farm walls successful the committee decided to let each municipality decide what placement would be best for success.

Fort Laramie will have a farm wall by their community center, which also houses a community garden.

Planting Roots Preschool will help grow the produce for the farm wall next year.

This year the preschool grew all the flowers that were planted in town planters.

The Community Presbyterian Church of Lingle will have a farm wall and they are currently developing plans to share produce with the Lingle/Goshen County communities.

The City of Torrington purchased two farm walls.

There is one located in front of the city building. Currently, the city is in the process of making their wall portable so that in the winter it will go inside and produce can be accessed all year around.

The City of Torrington also purchased a farm wall for the Goshen County Senior Friendship Center, farm wall is located in front of their annex building.

Staff is excited to be able to beautify, feed and educate Goshen County with our new farm walls.

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