Who purchased Aulick Leasing?

Published: Apr. 4, 2019 at 5:28 PM CDT
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On April 1st 2019 Aulick Leasing, officially sold to TFI Financing Incorporated.

TFI International used to be known as TransForce Inc. In 2016, after acquiring companies in the United States, shareholders approved a name change “to reflect the increased geographic scope of its operations.”

In 2016 the company boasted 53% of its business was in Canada and 47% was in the US. TFI now owns companies that provide transportation and logistics services in Canada, USA, and Mexico.

TFI’s annual report says that the company believes that its employee relations are very good. They have 17,127 employees in North America. And and according to that report, their turnover rates are below average for Canada, and about normal for the US.

The Corporation is publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Their quarterly financial reports for December 2018 indicate shareholders received 2.7% back annually.

TFI International is a full-service transport and logistics company that is constantly growing by acquiring business like Aulick. The company completed 77 acquisitions since 2008.

“We enthusiastically welcome Aulick Leasing and ShirAul to the TFI International group of companies,” said Alain Bédard, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of TFI International. “Aulick Leasing’s deep presence across the Central and Western U.S. and ShirAul’s trailer manufacturing expertise make the combined entity a compelling strategic fit for our Specialized Truckload growth objectives in the U.S.”

Neither company disclosed Aulick Leasing’s sale price. TFI International credits the Scottsbluff-based company in their press release “With more than 400 employees, over 120 tractors and 300 trailers (including more than 180 BulletTM trailers) out of its four terminals across the Central and Western U.S.”

That includes Aulick Leasing headquarters in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, as well as facilities in Lovell, Wyoming and Fort Morgan, Colorado. Those locations operate the trucks that you see hauling sugar beets and aggregates for construction jobs. Aulick also has a location in Rapid City, South Dakota that mostly hauls road construction materials, woodchips, and molasses.

When Aulick Leasing branched out to manufacturing as well as hauling, the acquisition included ShirAul, which is located in Sunnyside, Washington. ShirAul makes the BulletTM trailers which haul sugar beets and loose construction materials.

The sale did not include related companies to Aulick leasing such as: Aulick Industries, Aulick Air, Tow-Aul & Recovery, or Stor-Aul.

Shane Aulick, who has run the company for 41 years, confirmed the move. He said in a public statement he doesn't believe the company is just about the various locations, equipment, and contracts. "The greatest asset of any company does not reside on the balance sheet, but rather with the people that work within it."

Kenny Wineman of Aulick Leasing HR said the company wants to continue “business as usual” following the purchase. While he couldn’t confirm all of the company’s current contracts will remain. He was able to confirm the company plans to expand.